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Strategic Planning

HCM has successfully designed and executed the strategic planning process for various products in the „Specialty“ area. The projects are designed in to different modules (milestones), forming a process which guarantees long term success.

The kick-off workshop helps to coordinate the objectives, focus and scope of the planning process together with the management team.

The status quo or current situatin analysis is an optional part at the beginning of the strategy building process. It provides an overview about the market and competitors, which is very helpful at the initial stage of the project.

The Future Scenario Analysis helps to predict the market development in the coming years (e.g. product launches) and to anticipate the expected competitors‘ activities.

War Games help companies to adopt the perspective of the competitors in order to predict their future strategies and develop appropriate countermeasures at an early stage.

In a stakeholder workshop, the currently defined strategies and measures as well as perspectives about the market and competitors can be discussed and evaluated with experts, in order to gain further perspectives for strategy development.

During the Brand Plan Workshop, the most important „key issues“ of the market and objectives for the product are defined. This includes analysis of the current market situation and strategies, while taking the „critical success factors“ into consideration.

In the Marketing Mix Workshop, the strategies defined in the Brand Plan Workshop are used as a basis to develop the tactics. These will also include budget, concrete timelines and responsibilities.

Finally, the entire process is summarized in an executive summary presentation, in German or English,  customized to the client’s needs, in order to document the entire planning process.

Further Experiences

Competitive analysis

Heritage Management & Marketing Automization

Indication specific and intersectoral care management

Account planning and training (specially for the hospital sector)

Sales team training (Sales, Market Access, KAMs)

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